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Why Medical Expenses Are Rising

A major side effect of the rising costs of health care is a feeling of helplessness. Dr. Jeffrey Barke, a physician with insights into the current health care quagmire, diagnoses the situation and prescribes a shot of the free market to not only help lower costs but increase the quality of care.

Watch it to find out:

  1. The legislation responsible for removing the free market from health care;
  2. How one type of healthcare not covered by insurance is able to provide lower costs and higher quality care to patients;
  3. The difference between health care and health insurance;
  4. Three things you can do to actively help reduce the cost of health care.

If you want to make a change in the health care system, it starts with understanding why the quality of care is down and the prices are up. Watch this video for some straightforward talk about what’s wrong with the system, what’s being done about it and what you can do to help level health care to a fair, efficient playing field.


About the Author
Dr. Jeff Barke

Dr. Barke is a family physician in private practice in Newport Beach, CA. He attended undergraduate college at U.S.C. and Medical School at U.C. Irvine completing his Family Medicine Residency at U.C. Irvine Medical Center. He is an elected School Board Member for the Los Alamitos Unified School District currently serving his third term. Dr. Barke also serves as a tactical physician for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team as a reserve deputy.


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