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OTA was founded in 1997 on the principle that everyone should have the opportunity of a financial education. And for the last two decades, we’ve been fulfilling our mission of enriching lives worldwide with a focus on teaching strategies to trade and invest in the financial markets with confidence. In that time, we have educated over 80,000 students, providing them with lifelong trading and investing education. As we start to emerge from the COVID impact period, we are gifting some of our exceptional financial education. We call it OTA Educates America. Watch the video above from our President announcing this program.

Why Are We Doing This?

Because these are challenging times for all, and we want to do what we can to help. Financial wellness has been a growing concern across America, for many years before the COVID Pandemic but especially now because of it. But few people have the financial education to know what they can do about it.

Giving the Gift

Through OTAcademy, our OTA students and staff want to give the gift of some of our financial education to you, to help you get started on your learning journey. Our gift is for anyone who wants to begin getting the education they didn’t get at college or school about the financial markets, trading and investing and learning techniques aligned with your short term and long-term financial goals.

A Community of Like-Minded People

OTA has created a community of likeminded people learning trading and investing by building skills, evolving proficiency, and developing confidence. We are opening the front end of our financial education community for you, here at OTAcademy. We are a family and that’s what family does in challenging times like this. Join our extended family. Come on in and explore.

What can you expect to learn?

Whether you’re just starting out, building your foundations during your working years, nearing retirement, or retired, you’ll discover lessons about everything from paying for a college education and buying your first home to strategies aligned with your goals of living comfortably in your golden years and leaving a legacy for your family. Also covered are the basics: saving money, getting a loan, improving your credit score, investing in the market, buying a home and more. You can select your life stage, choose a custom learning path, use an extensive range of calculators, attend live webinars, and watch recorded webinars. We invite you to explore our library of videos, articles, and webinars, to begin your learning journey to making better-informed financial decisions that may benefit you and your family. Along your learning journey we will also make you aware of additional options if you decide you would like to continue developing your confidence with self-directed trading and investing.

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Please share these education resources to give the gift to those you love to help them begin their learning journey too.

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