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Municipal Bonds for the Retail Investor

The municipal bond market is unique to the U.S. and provides investment opportunities in state, local and regional governments. The tax-exempt earnings benefit is the big draw of municipal bonds, but before selecting one do your research and examine their details and caveats closely.

Watch it to find out:

  1. The two broad categories of municipal bonds and the revenue sources of each;
  2. The main appeal of municipal bonds over corporate bond investments;
  3. How to score “triple play” tax exemptions when purchasing a municipal bond;
  4. The formula for determining the Taxable Equivalent Yield based on your tax bracket;
  5. Why putting municipal bonds in a tax-deferred account such as your 401(K) plan is a bad idea.

Investing in municipal bonds can help grow your wealth and preserve your capital. This video also points you to a couple of websites for more information and how to get started.  


About the Author
Bill Addiss

Mr. Addiss develops and facilitates educational programs for a variety of major financial institutions, government agencies and foreign governments.


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